TIMES Monthly

TIMES PG Forum holds a monthly seminar, for all its members, to disseminate the exciting research that is taking place on the Islamic and Middle Eastern World. We also have guest speakers delivering talks on a range of subjects from academic research to careers in HE and beyond.

If you are interested in delivering a seminar, please email the Forum with your name, institutional affiliation and a short abstract of the proposed session.

To get a flavour of what you can expect at the TIMES monthly seminars, here are a few that have taken place in the past:

  • Dr Stephen Jones – Race, Culture and Belief in Descriptions of Islam and Science
  • Afroze Zaidi – Transitioning from Academia to Journalism
  • Dr Chris Allen – Young, Muslim and Brummie: Lived Experiences, Imagined Realities, Problematised Concerns
  • Ayse Elmali – Researching Inter-faith Marriages
  • Dunya Ismaeel – An Account of the Translation of Post-2003 Sectarian Literature in Iraq
  • Dr Katherine Brown – Apocalyptic Narratives of Da’esh
  • Hafza Iqbal – Perrenialism in Sufi Thought
  • Prof Jorgen Nielsen – Publishing in Theology and Religion